A/C Repair


When the climate control system of your vehicle is malfunctioning, leaking refrigerant is often the first sign. Not only is this chemical compound destructive to the environment if left unchecked, it can also do irreparable damage to the systems of your vehicle. Receiving regular maintenance on the air conditioning systems of your car can save you on more expensive repairs down the line as well as keeping your system running smoothly every day, so contact us today for expert service.


When the warmer days come, there are few things more refreshing than hitting the road in a perfectly cooled vehicle. However, over time the infrastructure of an A/C system can lose performance over time due to loose or damaged fittings, leading to a severe drop in cooling power when you need it most. The staff of specialists at Auto Repair Services is here to ensure your A/C system keeps your car cool for years to come.

Every technician under the Auto Repair Services is fully certified by the ASE to provide services to our base of clients nationwide. They have received thorough training on servicing a wide range of vehicles through EPA-sanctioned programs in climate control systems, meaning your vehicle is always in good hands with us. Talk to our team about a preventive inspection on your vehicle’s A/C system to stop minor issues before they become bigger problems.

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