Classic Car Repair

Classic cars call for careful attention and dedicated maintenance to keep them as the timeless works of functional art they are after an accident, and at Auto Repair Services we take a focus on providing services for vintage vehicles as well as an array of today’s models, giving them the individualized care they require to keep these modern marvels running as smoothly as the day they rolled off the lot with our expert collision repair.

Our staff of specialists has the experience and training to confidently service vintage models, including addressing their most common issues that occur with older cars after a collision such as serpentine belt replacement, radiator repair, tire replacement and body work. We have access to a complete selection of manufacturer preferred parts for reliable repairs, and our state of the art facility allows us to provide perfect replacements for damaged components.

Vintage vehicles are built with much sturdier components than their modern counterparts, and so classic cars that can appear to be virtually undamaged after a major collision may have sustained internal damage that can cause it to overheat or otherwise perform erratically later. If your classic car has been in an auto accident, making the mistake of trusting it to a less established service provider could put a timeless treasure at permanent risk. Trust Auto Repair Services to restore your classic car to its glory days after a collision.