Foreign, Exotic and Specialty Cars

When it comes to collision repair services involving foreign, exotic, custom, and other specialty vehicles, there are a range of concerns that are particularly common after an accident. Auto Repair Services specializes in addressing the issues that can affect these unique vehicles, giving us a depth of knowledge in restoring them to their pre-accident condition that most service providers simply lack.

One issue that is especially common among exotic vehicles that have been in minor accidents or even driven in the wrong conditions is misalignment of the body frame. This kind of damage can lead to increased wear on your tires, drastically reduced gas mileage, and less reliable handling, ultimately shortening the life of your vehicle. After a quick consultation service, we can conduct measurements of your wheel angles to ensure they are properly adjusted…and if not, we can offer a rapid repair!

Suspension, drivetrain and alignment issues occur at a higher than average rate when exotic or custom vehicles are involved in a collision. Owners of these vehicles often dread seeing that little “check engine” light that could mean expensive repairs on their specialty vehicle. We can give your exotic vehicle a comprehensive checkup to determine the extent of the damage, then offer you the best possible price on services. Trust Auto Repair Services to give personal service to your unique vehicle.